Environmental issues of the Arctic
Environmental Issues
Indigenous peoples of the Far North
Indigenous People
Natural resources in the Arctic
Natural Resources
Polar Bears in the Arctic
The Polar Bear
The Arctic-Life: above the polar circle
The Arctic Life
Russian Arctic Shelf Borders
Russian Arctic Shelf Borders
 Varandei oil export terminal in The Barents Sea
Varandei Oil Export Terminal
An Arctic expedition will lower a time capsule with a message for future generations to the bottom of Arctic Ocean
Peace capsule
Annually in September, the area of Arctic ice melting reaches its minimum
Arctic Ice Melting
Arctic fox fur breeding farm in Lorino village in Chukotka region
Arctic fox fur breeding farm in Lorino village in Chukotka region
The ship will be frozen into ice and drift along with it. Due to the specific profile of the hull, ice pressure will only push the ship up without damaging it.
A long-term drifting observatory in the Arctic
In 1875, an Austrian geophysicist named Karl Weyprecht proposed polar stations to conduct year-round observations using consistent methods and instruments.
Russian scientific stations in the Arctic
Six countries are working on bids to establish their continental shelf borders
National claims to the Arctic shelf
Oil and gas fields containing immense reserves have been found in the Russian section of the Arctic sea-shelf
Russian oil and gas fields in the Arctic
The NSR is the main shipping route in the Arctic that skirts Russia’s northern coast and links European and Far Eastern ports.
Northern Sea Route
Russia’s nuclear icebreaker fleet
Russia's nuclear icebreaker fleet
Specially protected natural areas in the Russian Arctic
Powerful Ship-Borne Laser System