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Medvedev privatizes Russian icebreaker fleet

October 4, 2011

On September 28, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed decree No. 1256 lifting the ban on the privatization of the nuclear icebreaker fleet. The decree is posted on the Kremlin website that lists regulatory documents and executive orders.

The decree amends the state privatization program listing federally owned facilities and enterprises that cannot be privatized.

Now it is possible to privatize the nuclear icebreaker fleet and its coastal maintenance infrastructure.
An industry source told RIA Novosti that the decree will help turn nuclear icebreaker operator Rosatomflot into a shareholding company with 100% public capital. As before, the company is to be managed by the Rosatom Nuclear Energy State Corporation, the regulatory body of the Russian nuclear industry.

In all, ten nuclear-powered vessels, including nine icebreakers and the lighter aboard ship (LASH) Sevmorput, have been built in Russia throughout the entire history of the icebreaker fleet’s operation. Three nuclear-powered icebreakers, including the world’s first nuclear icebreaker Lenin, whose keel was laid in 1956, the Sibir and the Arktika, have been decommissioned to date.