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The East Siberian Sea
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International Geographical Union conference in Moscow to discuss Arctic climate change and the region’s development issues

A regional conference of the International Geographical Union, entitled "The geography, culture and society of our future Earth," will take place August 17-21 in Moscow.

The conference will consist of several thematic events on exploration of the Arctic, including the main session, "International research collaboration in the Arctic as a foundation for the region's sustainable development." The roundtable will focus on scientific aspects of the changes in the Arctic, the need for Arctic communities to adapt to the changes, local enterprises, residents of Arctic towns and regions, international cooperation in the study of changes in the Arctic and specific adaptation measures. The conference will also feature several sessions focusing specifically on socio-economic development of the Arctic areas: Russia and Canada in the Northern Dimension: Economic Development of Northern Regions; Russia and Canada in the Northern Dimension: Indigenous People; Sustainable Business and Community Development in the Circumpolar North.

The Cold Region Environments Commission will also present several sessions at the conference, covering exploration of the Arctic region: Social and Ecological Challenges and Solutions in the Arctic Coastal Zone; Cold Regions: Monitoring, Observing, Understanding; and Resources, Well-Being and Sustainable Development in the Arctic.

The Organization and Visualization of Polar Data session will discuss the collection and structuring of geographic data in the Arctic that is particularly relevant due to the area's territorial diversity.

Representatives of the Russian research community, international organizations and foreign research institutions will take part in the conference.

A resolution will be drafted as a follow-up document for the round table, "International research collaboration in the Arctic as a foundation for the region's sustainable development."