Experts to share experience in design and construction on permafrost

Experts to share experience in design and construction on permafrost

Moscow will host the fourth international scientific and practical conference Modern Technologies of Engineering Surveys, Design and Construction on Permafrost Soils, timed to coincide with the 120th birthday of Nikolai Tsytovich and the 110th birthday of Sergei Vyalov, on November 10-12, 2020.

The event will focus on the problems of engineering and geological surveys in areas with permafrost, geotechnical monitoring of permafrost, technologies for laboratory studies of frozen ground, technologies for the construction of pile foundations in areas with permafrost, thermal interaction of frozen ground with structures, and the special vehicles, construction equipment, tools and materials that are best suited for construction work on permafrost.

The conference will be attended by experts and specialists from large construction companies, general contractors and subcontractors for the construction of various facilities, design and research institutes, as well as Russian and foreign manufacturers of specialized equipment, machinery and materials.

Location: Holiday Inn Suschevsky, 74 Suschyovsky Val Street

Organizers: International Association of Foundation Contractors, Gersevanov Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures' Research Center of Construction

More information is available on the official website of the event.