Mikchanda Mountains, northern part of the Putorana Plateau
© Vasily Sarana

Scientists to film a documentary on the Putorana Plateau

Scientists from the Taimyr Nature Reserves have set off on an expedition to the heart of the Putorana Plateau to carry out a variety of complicated operations and film a documentary on Arctic nature during the spring, summer and autumn seasons, the Taimyr Nature Reserves site said.  

"The researchers' plans include a whole variety of scientific studies of the area's flora and fauna, and also the dynamics of seasonal changes to many natural parameters," the site's announcement said. In particular, the scientists will track changes to migration routes taken by the wild northern reindeer.  

Geographers and all-round specialists Vasily Sarana and Ivan Kobilyakov are taking part in the expedition, which is expected to last at least six months.