Krasnye Kamni eco-trail improvements to be completed in 2019
© Evgeny Eremkin

Krasnye Kamni eco-trail improvements to be completed in 2019

Work to improve the Krasnye Kamni eco-trail near Norilsk will be completed by the end of September 2019, Roman Laletin, a board member of the Environmental Fund at Siberian Federal University, told

Since this September, volunteers have picked up trash along the trail and partly cleaned graffiti off the cliffs. They have thrown away over 10 cubic meters of waste in total. Next year, there are plans to install benches, navigation signs, information stands about birds, animals and plants, and trash bins that would be inaccessible to bears. Laletin believes that a cleaning camp for volunteers may be opened there in the future.

"The Extreme North is an interesting place, there is a lot to see. The question is whether it can be accessed and preserved. We would like to tell people living and coming to Norilsk about this beautiful place and publish this information on the internet for everyone to come and see," he said.

The 4.5-kilometer-long trail is located far from the metallurgic plants. In the summer, tourists go hiking there, and local people enjoy walks. Diving competitions are held in the lake. Snowmobiles and cars are needed on the path in the winter. There is a ski run near the trail.