ECO BEST AWARD call for entries still open
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ECO BEST AWARD call for entries still open

The call for entries for the ECO BEST AWARD 2020 will remain open until June 30. The award categories include Project of the Year, Discovery of the Year, Product of the Year, Top Company in Environmental Safety Promotion, For a Contribution to Environmental Culture, and For a Contribution to the Sustainable Development of Russia.

"This is the fourth edition of the annual competition. The event has traditionally brought together members of the business community and the public who are concerned about the environment and pollution. We are aware that the tough times we are going to face will drastically affect our lives, but we are confident that the need for utilizing systemic solutions in the field of the environment and resource saving is as relevant as ever. Promoting and raising awareness of these issues are our priorities," ECO BEST AWARD Executive Director Yelena Khomutova said.

This year, the event organizers have set a new goal of helping the business community adapt to a new reality. The most successful cases of business process transformation and communications development, as well as new social initiatives and support programs, will be presented as part of the 2020 Business Heroes special media project.

"We will post a series of interviews and reports featuring award contenders who accept challenges and operate efficiently in the new realities in order to learn how the companies stay afloat and help others to do so through difficult times for the global economy. Our aim is to promote and scale up companies' cases and share interesting information that could be effective for people's activities. Let us take joint efforts, and we will succeed," ECO BEST AWARD Director for Public Relations Alyona Kichigina emphasized.

See more information on the award site.