Сотрудники МЧС РФ во время ликвидации последствий розлива нефтепродуктов из резервуара ТЭЦ-3 под Норильском
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Norilsk Nickel proposes reclamation plan for land affected by fuel spill

Norilsk Nickel has submitted a plan to reclaim the land affected by the fuel spill near Norilsk for consideration and approval by the interdepartmental commission set up by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

According to the plan, after the proposed effort, the land will be restored to a condition that meets the relevant legal requirements.

“The project was developed by a specialized organization. All the proposed measures are based on the best available technologies, and their timely and rigorous implementation will minimize the environmental damage caused by the accident,” said Andrei Bugrov, Senior Vice President for Sustainable Development at Norilsk Nickel.

The plan for 2020 includes deploying a system of oil traps, removing the drainage systems that were built earlier, and other technical efforts. Oil-spill containment booms will be installed next spring. During the period of snow and ice melt and ice drift, it is planned to use sorbents. Also in 2021–2022, the plan provides for a series of biological (agrotechnical and phytomelioration) measures.