Volunteers of the Green Arctic project
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Green Arctic launches recruitment of volunteers for 2023 expeditions

The application campaign for participation in summer volunteer expeditions in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area has started. Applications are accepted on the official website of the Green Arctic. Men and women aged 20 to 45 and fit and ready for physical labor in difficult climatic conditions, will be able to take part.

In the 2023 season, three ecological trips are planned to remote corners of Yamal: to the Marresalya polar station on the coast of the Kara Sea, to the Polyarny resettled village in the Polar Urals, and to the Mys Kamenny village located on the banks of the Gulf of Ob.

“It’s already ten years that the Arctic volunteers have been taking part in projects to clean up the ecological damage on Yamal. All applicants on the expedition undergo psychological selection and theoretical training in order to work in the Extreme North. According to the selection results, we form a rating and offer applicants with the highest scores to join our team,” Georgy Andreyev, project manager for the selection and comprehensive training of volunteers of the Green Arctic, says.

“Volunteers will spend about two weeks on each of the trips; The main task is to clear the territories of litter. Green Arctic will cover travel expenses, food, work clothes and insurance for expedition members,” the organizers say.

Applications to participate in the expeditions are accepted from March 13 to April 3. The organizers will publish the results of the application period at the end of April.