Over 120,000 reindeer inoculated against anthrax
© RIA Novosti. Ramil Sitdikov

Over 120,000 reindeer inoculated against anthrax

The authorities of the Nenets Autonomous Area plan to inoculate 121,900 reindeer against anthrax at the request of reindeer farms, a report on the area's website reads. The vet station is well stocked with vaccine.

Its specialists will visit 14 farms in the east and the center of the area. The western farms Vostok and Nenetskaya Obshchina Kanin are doing well and do not require inoculations.

"Special attention was paid to individual reindeer farmers that let their animals graze on three neighboring areas, including Yamal where reindeer died of anthrax last year. Thus, the Yamb-To reindeer will be inoculated in summer," the report explains.

Vets will continue working at reindeer farms in the area until autumn.