Arctic floating university sets sail again on July 1
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Arctic floating university sets sail again on July 1

The Arctic Floating University, sponsored by the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, will set sail on July 1 this year, Vesti.Ru reports.

With "Exploring the Russian Arctic" as its motto, the 20-day expedition will take the following route: Arkhangelsk — Sosnovets Island — Cape Bely Nos- Varnek village — Russkaya Gavan (Novaya Zemlya) — Cape Zhelaniya (Novaya Zemlya) — Heiss Island (Franz Josef Land) — Champ Island (Franz Josef Island) — Hooker Island (Franz Josef Land) — Arkhangelsk.

The expedition will comprise 56 people, including 31 students, 20 professors and 5 administrators. Foreign and Russian students, young scientists, and explorers will complete eight courses and conduct comprehensive research that includes monitoring changes in Arctic tundra vegetation, studying the Russian Arctic National Park's historical and cultural heritage, and estimating the level of pollution on islands where efforts have been made to clean up the accumulated waste. The team will also study the biodiversity of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land and the surrounding waters.

"They plan to carry out hydrological and historical studies, as well as cultural and environmental research. There are also plans to go to Bely Island in the north of the Yamal Peninsula and conduct an environmental study on conditions of flora and fauna present there," Northern Federal University's Deputy Rector for Science Boris Filipov said.

Director of the University's Arctic Center for Strategic Research Konstantin Zaikov, who organized the 2015 expedition, said that federal agencies and other institutions responsible for environmental monitoring use the data such expeditions produce. Academic and student reports will be drafted following the expedition.