Students gather for the Arctic Idea competition
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Students gather for the Arctic Idea competition

The Lomonosov Northern, or Arctic, Federal University receives applications until May 31 for the Arctic Idea 2015 competition to bring together creative young intellectuals with an interest in the latest technology for Arctic studies and development.

University, college and vocational school students are competing in the following categories: Comfort and safety in the Arctic; Arctic technology and knowhow in mining, seafood procurement and processing, transport and logistics; Environmental protection and rare animal and plant preservation; and Promotion of Arctic explorers' historical and cultural heritage. Contestants can e-mail their proposals to after their applications are considered on the website. Go to to fill out the form and obtain the relevant information, in particular, the results of last year's Arctic Idea competition. 

Thirty applications have come from many Russian universities and colleges, which range geographically from St. Petersburg to the Far East and from Karelia to Altai. Of special note among the participating schools are MGIMO (University) of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Gubkin University of Oil and Gas and the Siberian, Far Eastern, Southern and Northeastern federal universities.

As  the previous one, the 2015 competition is sponsored by the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Novatek, the Association of Indigenous Ethnic Minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East and the Russian Geographical Society. The Arctic-Info news agency is the competition's information partner.