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Expedition to Bely Ostrov is over
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Expedition to Bely Ostrov is over

An expedition to Bely Ostrov organized by the Russian Center for the Development of the Arctic nonprofit partnership ended in April, the press service of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area governor reports.

For two weeks, scientists from the Earth Cryosphere Institute of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Arctic Research Center carried out a research program and prepared the permanent research facility for the summer field season.

The expedition left Labytnangi in Russian-made cross-country vehicles on April 7 and reached the island on April 17. The scientists inspected several lakes and took bed deposit samles for microbiological tests.

The staff of the Earth Cryosphere Institute examined the thickness of ice in the coastal zone of the Kara Sea and the Arctic lakes. An ecologist from the Arctic Research Center explored the tidal zone on the coast with the maximum concentration of noxious substances brought by tides to the high latitudes from industrial areas in Russia and Europe.

The expedition members prepared the permanent research facility for the summer field season by relocating it with their vehicles from Cape Malygin in the south to the area of the Popov Polar Weather Station in the north.