Arctic investment programs should be evaluated by government experts
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Arctic investment programs should be evaluated by government experts

Investment projects in the Arctic area should be subject to government expert evaluation, Svetlana Lipina, director of the Innovative Economy Center VATV-SOPS under the Ministry of Economic Development, said at a session on environmental responsibility at the international forum, The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue.

"We are suggesting more concise environmental standards for the Arctic, and lobbying for requirements that all Arctic projects undergo government evaluation, Ms. Lipina said.

The national public standard "The Environmental Security of the Arctic" was created by the Polar Explorer Association and was officially presented on December 5, 2016 at The Arctic: Today and the Future forum. The association wanted to combine the current issues of preserving the region's environment during active exploration. At present, the document is being studied by the companies operating in the Arctic.

"Of course, all the environmental standards to be adopted must be part of development programs and strategies. For now, we want to update many strategies contained in Federal Law FZ-172, but we are not introducing a new environmental standard that generally would take half a page of printed text," she said.

Federal Law 172-FZ On Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation sets a legal standard for strategic planning in the country, for the coordination of federal and municipal strategic management and budget policy, the ministries and agencies, and the interaction with public, research and other organizations in strategic planning.

The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue international forum was held in Arkhangelsk on March 29-30, 2017. The topic for 2017 is Man in the Arctic. The forum's goal is to unite international organizations, government bodies, and science and business communities from Russia and abroad in coordinating approaches towards international cooperation, and consolidating efforts to ensure the stable development of the Arctic, and raising the living standards of the population in the Arctic territories.

Attending the forum are Russian President Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.