Scrap removal operations have begun in Kachgort Lake along Naryan-Mar
© RIA Novosti. Semen Apasov

Scrap removal operations have begun in Kachgort Lake along Naryan-Mar

The operation to remove abandoned vessels from the coastal area in Kachgort Lake near the town of Naryan-Mar has begun, according to the Nenets Autonomous Area website. Two contracts have been signed for the scrappage of 23 vessels following two tenders conducted by the Nenets Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Agro-Industrial Complex. The work will last until October 2.

Over the past weekend the contractor prepared three abandoned vessels for scrappage. The unsalvageable boats and ships are located along the coastal area of Kachgort Lake. According to the Department of Natural Resources, the work began behind schedule due to high water levels.  

Last year, the department managed to study the entire coastal and offshore area of Pechora Lake along the town of Naryan-Mar and the village of Iskatelei. They found 93 abandoned vessels.

The abandoned vessel scrappage operation is being conducted by the Department of Natural Resources as part of the Clean Country program. The program also provides for compiling a single register of polluted sites in the Nenets Autonomous Area. Other objectives include restoring and reclaiming 2,290 hectares of land, including the junkyard in Naryan-Mar.