Arctic data added to federal statistics work plan
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Arctic data added to federal statistics work plan

New data on the Russian Arctic's socioeconomic development has been included in the federal statistics work plan, the government's website says. The data will provide real information on the current processes in the region. The statistics will be collected beginning in 2016.

"The federal statistics work plan signed by a directive has been complemented with official statistics characterizing the socioeconomic development of the Russian Arctic zone. The statistics include the target indicators of the state programme Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Arctic Zone to 2020," the report says.

The statistics on the Arctic zone will include data on the gross regional product, investment in fixed capital, natural resources and their exploration, capital construction facilities put into operation, financial performance of organizations, innovation projects, the website said.

The data will also provide information about socio-demographic characteristics of the population and their living conditions, migration, employment, small and medium-sized business activities.

Information on environment protection, passenger turnover, cargo turnover by various means of transport, transportation routes, retail trade volumes, research and development, and the use of information and communications technologies will also be included in the federal statistics work plan, the report says.  

This new data will give a clear picture of the processes taking place in the Russian Arctic zone.

The Federal Service for State Statistics has drafted a relevant directive in accordance with the Russian government's instruction.