FC Zenit unveils new uniform on Prirazlomnaya oil platform
© RIA Novosti. Igor Podgornyi

FC Zenit unveils new uniform on Prirazlomnaya oil platform

FC Zenit St. Petersburg players unveiled their new uniform to workers of the Prirazlomnaya oil platform in the Barents Sea, the club's website reported. Players Yury Lodygin, Artyom Dzyuba, Nicolas Lombaerts, Alexander Kokorin, Yury Zhirkov and Sergei Semak sported the new kit for a photo-shoot at the station.

According to the website, the away uniform features the colors of ice — it depicts the cold northern climate. The home uniform is a traditional blue color. Both jerseys have diagonal stripes.

The footballers spent a few hours on the platform. After the presentation, they went on an excursion and then to the cinema, where they met with their fans supporting them 1,630 km to the north of Petrovsky Stadium.   

"We will remember this journey forever. Unfortunately, we didn't come here when the platform is surrounded by ice with walruses migrating and bears walking around, but we were still amazed. We saw how oil is extracted, stored and produced, how people protect the environment. But the most important thing is the workers. They live here for at least a month, and I cannot imagine how difficult it is," Artyom Dzyuba said as quoted by the portal.

On July 30, Zenit will wear their new uniform for the first time in a match against Lokomotiv Moscow.