Igor Shpektor, President of the Union of Cities in the Polar Region and the Extreme North
© Press service of the 6th International Forum “The Arctic: Present and Future”

Igor Shpektor: Only the forum “Arctic: Today and the Future” can address issues on the Arctic Region

During the 6th International Forum, "Arctic: Today and the Future," participants develop solutions that are later implemented into practice. Other Arctic events are incapable of doing this, believes Igor Shpektor, President of the Union of Cities in the Polar Region and the Extreme North.  He spoke about this during the forum's plenary session on December 5.

"This venue is the only one able to answer the questions that we are asking about the North, the Extreme North and the Arctic Region. Today anyone who bothers to can concoct a conference on the Arctic Region. They organize events and give a platform to people who are not close to understanding the Arctic Region and do not understand the issues. I very much hope that our meeting today will be fruitful, as usual," Shpektor said.

According to him, thanks to the forum that took place in December last year, it became possible to solve certain problems concerning the Navy.