Bedritsky: The National Atlas of the Arctic should become a handbook for experts
© RIA Novosti. Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Bedritsky: The National Atlas of the Arctic should become a handbook for experts

The National Atlas of the Arctic should serve as a reference book for experts in the region, Adviser to the President and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Alexander Bedritsky believes.

"This book should be a handbook for those who are working or carrying out  research in the Arctic. I think that the information on the Arctic climate will, of course, be used as the basis for forecasting and the planning of activities  in the Arctic region," Bedritsky said at the presentation of the book at the Russian Geographical Society.

As TASS reports, the atlas has 22 sections on all areas of the Russian Arctic zone as an environment for human life and activities. Its target is to serve a wide range of people  and will come in handy in research, management, defense, education and also public activities. In all, over 100 leading Russian experts from 23 research and development institutes, universities and production companies, as well as 12 ministries and agencies, worked on the atlas.

Russian Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Svetlana Radchenko called the atlas "a research tool, a source of reliable and objective information about the nature, population and economy of the Russian Arctic."

"The atlas will help not only experts, but also a wide range of people because it's got information on exploration, evolution and economic characteristics of areas in the Russian Arctic zone. The data provided by the atlas will be used in expanding and developing the country's' resources," Radchenko said, adding that the atlas will become "a handbook for the workers at the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources," TASS reports.