MiG 31 fighter
© RIA Novosti. Pavel Lisitsyn

MiG 31 fighters to get new navigation system for Arctic operations

MiG 31 fighters will be equipped with gyroscopic inertial navigation systems that are adjusted for Arctic conditions, low temperatures, enhanced background radiation distinction and increased sensitivity to compensate for the absence of satellite signals and communication with ground control, Vladimir Mikheyev, an advisor to the deputy head of the Radioelectronic Technology Corporation, told TASS.

"New navigation equipment will be installed on these planes: a new gimbal inertial navigation system," he said. The new system will enable the fighters to navigate in the Arctic without GPS or Glonass satellite adjustments.

The system can work in temperatures from —60 to +55 Celsius (min/max —70 to +85°)

The system will ensure unassisted high-precision navigation under Arctic conditions where the operation of other navigation systems is impossible. This will allow pilots to always determine their location and chart their course even if part of the electronic equipment is dysfunctional.