Nenets Autonomous Area Governor Igor Koshin
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Nikolskyi

Koshin: Indiga port may become central point on Northern Sea Route

The Indiga Bay could become a significant seaport along the Northern Sea Route, Nenets Autonomous Area Governor Igor Koshin said, according to the Arctic-Info news agency.  

 "The Indiga Bay is a point of significance in any discussion about making the Northern Sea Route operate at full capacity and efficiency. The Gulf Stream reaches this Barents Sea bay keeping it unfrozen even during the winter, while the bay is also deep enough for large-capacity vessels," Koshin said.

The governor added that the Northern Route is facing certain issues, including the need for a greater number of more powerful icebreakers and the absence of available modern ports in the north.

"The Sabetta port is under construction on the Yamal peninsula, which is slated to play a vital part in the route's operation. However, Murmansk is the only deep-water port for large-capacity vessels west of Sabetta. In this respect, a port on the Indiga Bay also has the potential to become one of the most important points along the Northern Sea Route," the governor said.