Modern medical aid points to be set up in the Arctic
© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Kondratuk

Modern medical aid points to be set up in the Arctic

The Defense Ministry has plans to establish modern medical aid stations on Kotelny Island and in the city of Alarkurtti in Russia's Murmansk Region, TASS News Agency reports, citing Major General of the Medical Service Alexander Fisun, the head of the Chief Military Medical Department.

An medical aid station will be set up on the island with modern surgical and diagnostic equipment. In addition, the ministry has plans to establish a modern hospital for service personnel, their wives and children, in Alakurtti, Fisun said.

He added that large installments of the necessary medical equipment are being delivered to aid stations at military bases in the Arctic.

"This year alone, we will send over 120 units of equipment and over 10 tons of medicines there," Fisun said.

The Arctic regions will also be part of the national telehealth system.

"Since the National Defense Control Center has been put into operation, we are able to reach any unit wherever it is, including surface vessels and special facilities. Right from the start, we decided to include all of our bases in the Arctic into the telehealth system. Today, specialists at the Military Medical Academy can reach Kotelny Island. The academy provides specialized medical advice round-the-clock," Fisun said.