Russia to build new platform for Arctic shelf
© RIA Novosti. Alexey Danichev

Russia to build new platform for Arctic shelf

The Sevastopol-based Korall enterprise launched the construction of an ice-resistant platform for hydrocarbon production in the Arctic shelf. Chief Designer Viktor Lensky told TASS that most of the equipment will be made in Russia.

"The project provides for the largely domestic production of accessory equipment. Probably, we will have to buy some equipment abroad. In this context we should envisage at the design stage an opportunity to replace our famous Western suppliers with Asian companies if the sanctions are extended. We are already looking for them," Mr Lensky said.

He added that platforms for hydrocarbon production were purchased abroad in the past. "Meanwhile, Russia has the experience of designing and building facilities that successfully operate under ice conditions, including Arctic seas. In the past few years, Russia has done a great deal to improve domestic equipment and match international standards. This applies, in part, to sea-based platforms," he said.