Russian Space Agency to develop “Arctic” segment of GLONASS

Russian Space Agency to develop “Arctic” segment of GLONASS

The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) plans to develop a GLONASS segment to improve the accuracy of the navigation system in the Arctic, the TASS Agency reported, citing the public procurement website.

The GLONASS system will include an additional 4-6 spacecraft on geosynchronous inclined orbits. "We're talking about the orbits, the inclination of which runs between the polar and equatorial (geostationary) orbits, and the inclination angle in this case is about 63 degrees. Along with GLONASS signals, this segment should provide a location accuracy in Russia and the Arctic of 0.6 meters," the document reads. 

The development expenditures are expected to amount to 417.7 million rubles.

The comprehensive research and scientific and technical basis for the development of the system should be ready by November 25, 2016.