North Fleet muti-branch exercise begins in Arctic
© RIA Novosti. Vitaliy Ankov

North Fleet muti-branch exercise begins in Arctic

Tactical exercises for several branches of the North Fleet armed forces have started on the Taymyr Peninsula near Norilsk, RIA Novosti reports citing the Defense Ministry's Press Service. The drills involve over 1,000 personnel and over 50 items of military equipment.

"The exercise is solely for defensive purposes. This is a scheduled event that is not targeting any other country," Head of the North Fleet Press Service Vadim Serga announced.

Admiral Vladimir Korolyov, Commander of the North Fleet, said the drills were designed to provide security in the Russian Arctic and in Russia's free economic activity in the region, as well as to protect the area and facilities from any potential military threat.

Over 1,000 servicemen are involved in the exercise, as well as 14 aircraft, 34 pieces of military and special equipment, including tracked vehicles, MT-LBV multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicles, BMD-2 airborne infantry fighting vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and unmanned aircraft.