Arctic exhibition to showcase firefighting robot, mobile bridges, UAVs
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Trefilov

Arctic exhibition to showcase firefighting robot, mobile bridges, UAVs

The 1st International Exhibition of High Technology and Equipment for the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East, entitled Omsk-2015, will feature mobile bridges, unmanned aerial vehicles and a tracked firefighting robot, among many other items, Omsk Acting Governor Viktor Nazarov told reporters.

"Tank-based mobile bridges; a new firefighting vehicle based on the T-80 tank, which is remotely controlled by a joystick; electronic equipment, including communication systems and drones to inspect gas pipelines over long distances," Nazarov said, listing the exhibits.

The Arctic exhibition will show industrial, social and transport infrastructure, border security, communications, diagnostic and control equipment and technology, as well as equipment for operations under extreme conditions.

According to Nazarov, applications have already arrived from about 10 countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, Iraq and Mozambique.

"The participation of Arctic Council observer states is under consideration," he said.

The official added that the exhibition organizers initially expected a higher number of participants.

"The participation of some countries is in question. However, we are continuing to work on this," he said.

Major Russian companies, such as Norilsk Nickel, Rusnano and Gazprom have also confirmed their participation.

The Omsk 2015 Arctic exhibition will take place on October 7-8 in Omsk. Arctic development will be the central theme for the first time. The exhibition will be held on an area of about 17,000 sq m.

The exhibition will also host a field meeting of the Arctic and Antarctic Expert Council of the Russian Federation Council, a roundtable meeting entitled "Terminological Support for Interregional Scientific and Technical Cooperation in the Development of the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East" and a discussion platform, "The Organization of the Application of Scientific and Technological Solutions by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Public Academies and Industrial Science for the Development of the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East."