Viktor Nazarov
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Viktor Nazarov: Arctic development is a key national priority

The development of the Arctic region is one of our main national priorities, Viktor Nazarov, Acting Governor of the Omsk Region, told media.

"I believe that the Arctic should become the main provider of resources for Russia. Arctic development will boost the country's economic progress, and dozens of regions will strengthen their industrial potential by contributing to Arctic development. Their potential will expand, considering the requirements of developing the Arctic," Nazarov said.

Speaking about the upcoming International Exhibition of High Technology and Equipment for the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East (VTTA OMSK-2015), the Acting Governor emphasized that the exhibition is a good opportunity for the Omsk Region to find new partners and hence new markets.

The VTTA OMSK-2015 exhibition will be held in Omsk on October 7-8. Its main theme will be Arctic development.

The exhibition will feature cutting-edge technology and equipment for the industrial, social and transport infrastructure, border control systems, communications systems, diagnostic and control systems, equipment designed for extreme weather conditions and much more.

The exhibition program includes a visiting session of the Expert Council of Russia's Federation Council on the Arctic and Antarctic, a plenary session on a database of terms of interregional scientific and technological cooperation for developing the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East and a discussion platform on scientific and technological solutions by the Russian Academy of Sciences, public academies and departmental research agencies for developing the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East.