Tractor Plants to design unmanned Arctic rover
© RIA Novosti. Alexandr Paragis

Tractor Plants to design unmanned Arctic rover

According to the Arctic-Info news agency, Tractor Plants First Vice President and co-owner Albert Bakov said that the concern has plans to design an unmanned all-terrain vehicle for hauling cargo in the high north based on the ATV TM-140A.

"We want to be able to have up to five unmanned vehicles form a convoy, which, using the GLONASS system, will be capable of delivering cargo from point A to point B following a pre-determined route," TASS quotes Bakov as saying.

According to Bakov, human intervention would be required only if a vehicle breaks down.

The amphibious all-terrain tracked vehicle TM-140A is designed to operate in arctic climate and impassable terrains.