Prirazlomnaya oil platform to be upgraded
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Prirazlomnaya oil platform to be upgraded

The Prirazlomnaya oil platform will be renovated in line with a project for the platform's comprehensive upgrade. The primary objectives for its technical re-equipment have been laid out by the specialized Russian institute, OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT (ONHP) during the International Exhibition of High-Tech and Equipment for the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East. The exhibition was launched on Wednesday in Omsk.

"Our goal is achieving a planned daily production level of 100,000 metric tons (at present the level is 22,000 metric tons); providing continuous drilling, extraction and shipment of 5.5-6 million metric tons of oil per year; and working out documents to produce new equipment and materials at Russian enterprises," Arctic-Info reported, quoting the project's chief engineer, Vyacheslav Rovensky.

He said the upgrade will include drilling, energy and technical equipment systems, an automated security control system, navigation and telecommunication systems of the Prirazlomnaya platform.

The Prirazlomnaya oil platform is located in the Pechora Sea at a distance of 60 km off the shore. Prospective oil reserves exceed 70 million metric tons. This is the world's first project for oil extraction on the Arctic shelf. Commercial field development was launched in December 2013.