New Arctic diesel approved for the Russian Armed Forces
© RIA Novosti. Kirill Braga

New Arctic diesel approved for the Russian Armed Forces

Diesel fuel with a cold filter plugging point (CFPP) of minus 65° Celsius has been approved for the weapons and military equipment deployed in Russia's Arctic and northern regions, RIA Novosti reported, citing Deputy Defense Minister General of the Army Dmitry Bulgakov.

Bulgakov said that the Arctic military units receive both fireproof summer and winterized diesel fuel, the use of which prevents the explosion and burning of vehicles in antitank and other attacks. These types of fuel also increase the service life of military equipment and reduce the crews' mortality rate under enemy fire.

Speaking about oil, the deputy minister said the Tu-95MS strategic bombers use the KA-7.5 all-season oil, which allows starting the turboprop engines of strategic and transport warplanes without the use of ground-based heating equipment and reduces the duration of flight preparation by six to eight hours. The Smart-4 all-purpose synthetic oil made with Russian technology from Russian raw materials is used for the fourth- and fifth-generation turbojet engines.

"The operating temperature of this oil is up to plus 300° Celsius. This oil can be used in place of five types of oil and ensures the effective use of Aerospace Forces planes in all operating modes," Bulgakov said.

He said they also use the M-3z/12-D all-season engine oil for batch-produced and prospective gasoline and diesel engines that run on fuel of up to the Euro-4 emission standard. This oil allows engine start in temperatures of minus 50° Celsius without preheating and has replaced nine types of oil. The TM-5-9z all-season transmission oil is used for existing and prospective army equipment, including in the Arctic. It is good for starting military equipment at temperatures of up to minus 60° Celsius without preheating.

The K4-20 and LZ-KTZ all-purpose oils were created for the Azurit and Sapfir multistage high-temperature and high-pressure air compressors and integrated steam turbine power plants of nuclear submarines and surface ships.

Bulgakov added that Russia has sufficient raw materials and technology for the production of all existing types of fuel and lubricants, and that 111 of the 564 types produced in Russia have been certified for use by weapon systems and military and special equipment.