Russia to deploy two space data centers on Arctic coast
© RIA Novosti. Valeriy Melnikov

Russia to deploy two space data centers on Arctic coast

Russia plans to establish two new satellite data processing centers on the Arctic coast to ensure continuous monitoring of emergency situations, RIA Novosti reported, citing the Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Ministry (ESCDM).

In October 2015, a joint satellite data processing center was put into service at the ESCDM Chief Administration in Murmansk. Similar centers are due to open in the cities of Dudinka and Anadyr, which will make it possible to monitor Russia's Arctic territory.

Monitoring the situation in the Arctic is essential since the region is home to nuclear power plants, nuclear-powered icebreaker and warship bases, chemical, fire and explosion hazardous facilities and important elements of communication systems that can become a source of man-made emergencies. According to the ESCDM, over 100 natural and man-caused emergencies are recorded in Russia's Arctic each year.

The ministry plans to build 10 integrated emergency-and-rescue centers in the Arctic: in Dudinka, Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk, Nadym, Vorkuta, Tiksi, Pevek, Provideniya and Anadyr.  Four of them — in Murmansk, Naryan-Mar, Arkhangelsk and Dudinka — are already up and running.

Rescue centers will be on permanent standby to respond to any emergency in the Arctic.