Northern Fleet to start warship exercise in September
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Danichev

Northern Fleet to start warship exercise in September

A group of Russian Northern Fleet warships will sail toward Arctic islands along the Northern Sea Route in September this year, Northern Fleet Commander, Vice-Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, told the TASS news agency. The military exercise will conclude in October.

The Kola flotilla that comprises various vessels with crews that have experience in high-latitude navigation will form the bulk of the group, the commander said.

Atomflot icebreakers will help the group navigate the most difficult waters, TASS reports. Military exercises, aimed at boosting defensive capability, will be conducted as part of the Arctic operations, which is the fifth such operation in recent years. Personnel and equipment from the Arctic motor-rifle brigade will take part, and the Pacific Fleet will be involved as well.