Bashkortostan company to develop new Arctic missile system
© RIA Novosti. Georgy Zimarev

Bashkortostan company to develop new Arctic missile system

The Vityaz machine-building company, based in Ishimbai, Bashkortostan, is set to develop a new surface-to-air missile (SAM) system for the Arctic and the Extreme North, RBC reports quoting the state purchases website.

The contractor is to develop the upgraded Thor-M2DT shorter-range missile system in line with a 122.5 million ruble contract.

Under the state contract, the Arctic missile system will be mounted on an operational caterpillar armored personnel carrier (APC). This upgraded APC will consist of the launcher and a crew module. Vityaz also undertakes to develop a self-contained vehicle maintenance workshop.

RBC believes that the missile system is almost finished because the project deadline is October 2016, and the Thor-M2 should pass state acceptance tests by late May 2017.

According to open sources, the Thor missile system is designed to shield ground facilities from enemy air strikes, including Stealth-type bombers, drones and cruise missiles. The first Thor models were adopted in 1986. The Thor-M2 system can launch its missiles while moving. As of 2016, these systems are operated by Russia (over 120 launchers), China, Greece, Egypt, Iran and Venezuela, as well as by several CIS countries.