Port of Magadan suspends operation over severe storm
© RIA Novosti. Vladimir Vyatkin

Port of Magadan suspends operation over severe storm

On August 16, the Magadan Commercial Sea Port suspended loading and unloading operations due to the rain and strong winds that hit the capital of Kolyma, RIA Novosti reported, quoting a company representative.

Rescuers had sent a possible emergency warning due to the heavy rains brought by a powerful tropical cyclone. Rescuers feared that the storm could damage power transmission and communication lines, and cause sections of roads, bridges and dams to erode.

"Currently, the wind gusts are reaching 17-20 meters per second. It's dangerous to unload ships in this weather. The containerships Ussuri and Sasco Aniva have to wait until conditions improve to unload the foodstuffs and equipment they have on board," the spokesman said.