Аэродром Нагурское будет достроен на острове Земля Александры в 2017 году
© RIA Novosti. Aleksey Kudenko

Nagurskoye Airfield to be completed in Alexandra Land in 2017

Nagurskoye military airfield will be completed in Alexandra Land in 2017, the Russian Defense Ministry's Information and Mass Communication Department reports. The airfield's construction is carried out as part of the Strategy for the Development of Russia's Arctic Zone and the National Security Strategy to 2020.

"After the upgrade is completed, most types of military transport aircraft will be able to land at Nagurskoye military airfield in Alexandra Land (Franz Josef Land Archipelago) year round," the message reads.

At present work is underway to build the runway, the buildings of the engineering aviation service administration and of the aviation technical service, the utilities system, roads and other required facilities.