Ilya Muromets crew formed from experienced auxiliary fleet personnel
© RIA Novosti. Igor Russak

Ilya Muromets crew formed from experienced auxiliary fleet personnel

The Northern Fleet's first ice-breaker, Ilya Muromets, has received a crew of experienced personnel from the auxiliary fleet, many of whom have already served on warships. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Northern Fleet press service.

The Ilya Muromets diesel and electric powered ice-breaker will significantly expand the capabilities of the Northern Fleet in fulfilling tasks in the Arctic.

"The Northern Fleet has formed a crew for the first ice-breaker, Ilya Muromets, built to support vessels in the Arctic zone. The crew comprises the most skilled personnel from the auxiliary fleet. Many of them have experience of working on warships," the press service said.

The report also says that the crew is made up of over 30 people who will service the marine equipment. Some of them are currently getting familiarized with it on the ice-breaker which is now preparing to be tested in St. Petersburg.

The Northern Fleet is very experienced when it comes to cooperating with ice-breaker crews of Rosatomflot and some shipping corporations, that safely navigated the fleet's vessels in difficult ice conditions during their voyages to Arctic Ocean islands. 

The main purpose of the new diesel and electric powered ice breaker Ilya Muromets is to provide navigation for ships in ice of up to 0.9 m thick. However, it can also ship cargo in its hold and containers on the upper deck. It can also conduct hydrography research and take part in rescue operations. The vessel can be used in extinguishing fires, eliminating oil spills, and in transporting landing troops. For cargo operations, the ice-breaker is equipped with a crane with a capacity of 26 metric tons. A helipad is located in its bow.