Igor Orlov: Three months of preparation went into The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue forum
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Igor Orlov: Three months of preparation went into The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue forum

Speaking with journalists before the start of The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue International Forum, Governor of the Arkhangelsk Region Igor Orlov said that it had taken three months to prepare for the event. At midday on March 28, 1708 people were registered to take part.  

"This is a big challenge for us," Orlov said, "but I can say already that we have coped with it… The SCO forum in Ufa took two years to prepare, not to mention the time spent preparing forums in Sochi, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok. This time it only  took us three months to take care of everything."

Orlov said that 600 participants were expected initially, but the number went up to 1708.

"We have already started preparing for the 2019 forum," Orlov said. "As you know, the event will take place every two years."

A new hotel is under construction for the event which will open in October, an investment project has been approved for building an exhibition center, and plans are underway for the reconstruction of the city's railway station.

The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue international forum is taking place on March 29-30 in Arkhangelsk. People in the Arctic is the main theme of this year's forum. The event aims to bring together international organizations, state and government agencies, and business and science community members from Russia and abroad. They will coordinate policies on developing international cooperation, consolidate efforts to ensure the Arctic's stable development, and raise the living standards of the people in the Arctic region. 

President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin are taking part in the event.