Russian Defense Ministry offers virtual tour of Arktichesky Trilistnik base
© RIA Novosti. Vitaliy Ankov

Russian Defense Ministry offers virtual tour of Arktichesky Trilistnik base

The Russian Defense Ministry's official website has published information on the Arktichesky Trilistnik military base, RIA Novosti said, citing the Defense Ministry.

"The Russian Defense Ministry has launched an interactive project — a virtual tour of the Arktichesky Trilistnik military base, built for service personnel on the of Alexandra Land Island in the Franz Josef Land Archipelago in the Arctic," the ministry's statement said. 

According to the Defense Ministry site, the Arctic base's military infrastructure is made up of special purpose installations, command centers, garages for military and special equipment, a standalone energy unit, and specialised warehouses and storage facilities, which are restricted access sites.  

Defense Ministry site users can get a look at the living conditions at the base for the first time with the help of a virtual tour of each of the four storeys of the Arktichesky Trilistnik residential facilities, built for the Northern Fleet.

"The 3-D virtual tour of the military base gives a clear picture of the military service personnel's living conditions, their rooms, the officers' canteen, exercise, cinema and concert facilities, an atrium, library, greenhouse, and the medical unit," the press release said.

The site also offers a downloadable expanded photo gallery of Arktichesky Trilistnik's residential facilities.