Chukotka ready to provide 15 mln people with Far Eastern hectares
© RIA Novosti. Ilya Timin

Chukotka ready to provide 15 mln people with Far Eastern hectares

The Chukotka Autonomous Area is ready to allocate Far Eastern hectares to about 15 million people, Governor Roman Kopin said at a brief news conference as reported on the area's website.

Currently, some 200 applications for Far Eastern hectares have been received.

"This is a good number for a region more than half of which is located beyond the Polar Circle. Most of the applicants are local residents or people familiar with Chukotka and its specifics. We are not expecting an inrush of applications. As of now, some 14 percent of the territory is available for allocation. It may seem a relatively small share but it is enough to provide around 15 million people with land. We are ready to accept everyone," Roman Kopin stressed.

The allocation of land plots continues.

"We do not expect that people will rush to the region and start developing exotic industries. This program is mainly for local residents, indigenous people and those who see this region as their home. The ‘hectare law' allowed us to formalize land relations on clear terms and within short timeframes. The region also helps new owners with the cadastral paperwork," the governor commented.