Laboratory for deep-water robotics opens in St. Petersburg
© RIA Novosti. Vitaliy Belousov

Laboratory for deep-water robotics opens in St. Petersburg

The Foundation for Advanced Research has opened a laboratory in St. Petersburg for deep-water robotics to explore the world ocean, RIA Novosti reported.

"The Foundation's laboratory, based at the Rubin central marine equipment engineering office, is now open in St. Petersburg. It will produce unmanned robotic complexes to explore deep-water areas in the world ocean," the statement reads.

The complex will consist of a submersible that can operate in autonomous mode, a communication and navigation station designed for the ocean bottom, and shipboard and auxiliary equipment kits. Rubin's leading deep-water robotics specialists will work at the laboratory.

It was reported that Russian scientists have developed underwater and subglacial exploration projects in the Arctic using robots as part of the Iceberg project, including the world's first civil nuclear submarine designed to aid the search for natural resources. Rubin's chief engineer Yevgeny Toropov said this spring that a deep-water robot to drill under the ice of the Arctic Ocean could be feasible in five years.