Sibir nuclear icebreaker towed to refitting pier for completion
© RIA Novosti. Evgeniy Epanchutsev

Sibir nuclear icebreaker towed to refitting pier for completion

The hull of the most powerful icebreaker, Sibir, launched on September 22,the first of Project 22220, has been towed to the shipyard's refitting pier where it will be completed, the press service of the Baltic Shipyard told RIA Novosti.

"Nuclear icebreaker Sibir, Project 22220, has taken its place at the fifth refitting pier. The ship was towed on October 21 with the help of two tugs. Now the next stage of the construction will begin, which is the refitting. The nuclear icebreaker will be completed at the shipyard's refitting pier next to the Arktika, the lead ship in the series," the message says.

Project 22220 icebreakers are designed to escort vessels in the Arctic breaking up to 3 meters of ice. New ships will assist vessels transporting hydrocarbon materials from the fields on Yamal and Gydan peninsulas as well as the shelves of the Kara Sea to the Pacific markets. Due to the dual-draught construction, the ship can be used in the Arctic waters plus in shallow sections of polar rivers.