Shipbuilding and Arctic exploration to be discussed in St. Petersburg
© RIA Novosti. Ekaterina Shtukina

Shipbuilding and Arctic exploration to be discussed in St. Petersburg

The International Exhibition and Conference for Shipbuilding and Equipment and Technologies for Development of the Arctic and Continental Shelf (OMR) will take place on October 6-9, 2020 in St. Petersburg.

The event will include the plenary session, “Strategic goals and priorities for the sustainable development of the Russian Arctic,” as well as panel sessions and discussions and a Youth Forum on the digital transformation in the industry and preparations of cases to draft Development Concepts for the Northern Sea Route and the Northern Sea Transport Corridor, a competition for scientific and technical innovations aimed at developing and exploring the Arctic and the continental shelf, and various technical sessions.

The exhibition will present engineering innovations and equipment for shipbuilding and the exploration of hydrocarbon fields in the sea, and projects to explore reserves in the Arctic and on the continental shelf and protection and safety tools.

The event is aimed at showing that the Russian Arctic presents unique opportunities to upgrade the Russian scientific and technical base and create breakthrough technologies for the safe and careful exploration of natural resources.

The conference is organized by the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Gazprom, the Russian Academy of Sciences scientific council for geology and exploration of oil, gas and coal fields, Gazprom VNIIGAZ and RESTEC.