The United States is trying to consolidate its positions in the Arctic
© RIA Novosti. Natalya Seliverstova

The United States is trying to consolidate its positions in the Arctic

The US administration has signed a contract with Inuksuk Co. for using the Thule Air Base in Greenland over the next 12 years.

According to Steffen Kretz, a senior international correspondent and news presenter with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the major multi-billion contract indicates that the United States is betting on the Thule Air Base and close cooperation with Greenland. Moreover, the US top brass are eyeing the Arctic once again for the first time in decades when they prioritized other conflict zones.

The military installation’s current state leaves a lot to be desired, due to global warming, he noted.

“The foundation under the pedestal is literally melting. The runways and buildings dating to the 1950s are located on permafrost that used to be as hard as concrete. Because of global warming, the ground continues to melt and freeze time and again, even in the Extreme North,” Kretz said.

Today, the US Space Force and climatologists are using Thule as an observation post.

By extending runways and expanding the local infrastructure, it will become possible to turn the base into an important strategic installation for the US Air Force’s strategic bomber and fighter squadrons, just like in the heyday of the Cold War, the journalist noted in conclusion.