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Copenhagen hails ‘successful Arctic cooperation’ with Moscow
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Copenhagen hails ‘successful Arctic cooperation’ with Moscow

Moscow and Copenhagen have been successfully cooperating on Arctic projects despite disagreements on international issues, Denmark's Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said in an interview with Sputnik.

Everyone knows that the positions of the EU and Denmark as an EU member country on the one hand, and Russia on the other, regarding the situation in Ukraine are different. We are in conflict here. However, as for the Arctic, I believe there is no conflict there. In fact, we cooperate with Russia in the Arctic. We reached an agreement and plan to draw demarcation lines for the Arctic Ocean in short order, he said.

The minister stressed that even if there are disagreements in other parts of the world, respectful and successful collaboration in the Arctic can go on.
Denmark has far-reaching plans in the Arctic, but its main priority is boosting investment and economic activity while preserving nature, the climate and the respect of its Arctic partners, he said.