18th Forum of the Arctic University Council opens in Ulan-Ude
© RIA Novosti. Zarikto Dagbaev

18th Forum of the Arctic University Council opens in Ulan-Ude

The 18th Forum of the Council of the University of the Arctic opened on June 14 in Ulan-Ude. According to reports from the TASS Agency, the event will include representatives from Norway, Finland, Canada, the United States, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, Korea, China, Austria and Sweden.

The specialists will discuss prospects for implementing IT technology into the development of the Arctic region, issues related to the development of medicine, the management of nature in the northern territories and the preservation of the traditional culture of the northern peoples.

"The capital of Buryatia has, for the first time, become the venue for such an event and the third Russian region to host Council of the University of the Arctic forums. The previous meetings took place in Yakutia and the Arkhangelsk Region," the organizers from the Buryat State University said.

The University of the Arctic was established in 2001. It is an international network of universities, colleges, research institutes and organizations specializing in higher education and research in the Arctic zone. The university members include 170 universities and research institutions from the Arctic region countries, as well as associate members from universities and institutions from countries outside the Arctic Circle.

The University of the Arctic includes 36 Russian universities, research institutions and institutes.