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Russia Interested In Stronger International Ties in the Arctic
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Russia Interested In Stronger International Ties in the Arctic

Russia is interested in fostering international cooperation in the Arctic Region, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council, said following the fifth international conference on Arctic security and sustainable development.

"The conference has demonstrated our common willingness to develop cooperation on Arctic issues. This cooperation is practical and covers many areas, and most importantly, is of practical use to our countries and the people living in the northern areas in particular," Mr. Patrushev said.

He stressed that many reports had been given at the conference that shows the importance of the agenda at the forum.

"We considered in detail ways of training staff for Arctic exploration and for global Arctic projects, how to cooperate to preserve the unique Arctic eco-systems and to do research, and also how to consistently develop and protect the habitat, culture, traditions and customs of the indigenous small numbered peoples of the North," Mr. Patrushev said.

He noted that the forum was in line with Russia's strategic policy in the Arctic. "We seek to build up international ties in this region both on bilateral and multi-lateral levels," he said in conclusion.