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EAEU countries to take part in international Arctic projects
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EAEU countries to take part in international Arctic projects

New environmental projects in the Arctic, in which the Eurasian Economic Union member states will take part, were featured at the union's international congress, Arctic-Info reported.

Announced also was the start of preparations for a second international expedition, Open Arctic 20/16, which will take place next April, and for the North Pole 5 high-latitude expedition.

Open Arctic 20/16 will involve representatives of all EAEU countries. As part of this expedition, universities in Greenland, Iceland and Norway will host the Global Environmental Forum 20/16 and will pick an area to host the Living Planet international youth camp in the Arctic.

For the sake of socio-cultural integration among EAEU countries, a Eurasian Environmental Academy will be established for young researchers, students and teachers from the union's countries whose interests are in the North, economics and international cooperation.

Participants in the congress expressed confidence that these projects will help unite representatives from EAEU member countries in addressing environmental issues.