Chilingarov: There are no problems in the Arctic that cannot be resolved via constructive dialogue
© RIA Novosti. Aleksandr Natruskin

Chilingarov: There are no problems in the Arctic that cannot be resolved via constructive dialogue

Speaking at the Sixth International Meeting of the Arctic Council, Special Representative of the President on International Cooperation in the Arctic Artur Chilingarov said that problems in the Arctic should be resolved through dialogue rather than military actions.

Interfax quoted Chilingarov as saying: "It would be no exaggeration to say that cooperation in the Arctic is an example of neighborly, stable and predictable policy. We firmly proceed from the premise that there are no Arctic problems that would require military solutions. All of them can be addressed based on mutual understanding and constructive dialogue."

He noted that despite the complicated global situation, the Arctic countries have managed to maintain a high level of cooperation on regional issues. In 2017, they plan to hold an international forum, entitled "The Arctic: A Territory of Dialogue."

He said cooperation in the Arctic is developing both on a bilateral and a multilateral basis and successful dialogue is conducted in such regional organizations as the Arctic Council, the Barents-Euro-Arctic Council and the Northern Forum.

The press service of the national Security Council told Interfax that on August 30-31 the participants in the meeting discussed issues of security and cooperation in the Arctic. They paid special attention to the development of its economic potential, maritime shipments and navigation safety. They emphasized that international tensions should not impact cooperation in the Arctic because its countries are united by a common goal: to develop the Arctic, preserve its environment and maintain equitable cooperation of coast guards, search-and-rescue teams and research organizations, and this goal implies mutual respect.