UArctic congress kicks off at St. Petersburg University

UArctic congress kicks off at St. Petersburg University

The first congress of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) international association has opened at St. Petersburg State University. The five-day congress, which is being attended by over 500 delegates, will address protection of the Arctic environment, extraction of mineral resources, and the development of tourism, trade and transport in region.

St. Petersburg State University President Lyudmila Verbitskaya said the Arctic has become a focus not only of environmental problems but also other global challenges facing humankind, the resolution of which calls for joint international efforts.

"I believe that the UArctic congress will become a major scientific and educational event in Arctic studies," she said.

UArctic President Lars Kullerud noted that the congress has brought together representatives of universities from all over the world.

"At this congress, we hope to provide opportunities for developing new research projects and education programs, as well as mobility programs for students and faculty," he stressed.

UArctic is an international network uniting over 180 institutions of higher education and research centers in 16 countries for collaboration in research and education in the interest of sustainable development of northern regions and all-round support to their indigenous people. UArctic's education and research cooperation helps improve the human potential of the north by contributing to the creation of viable communities and the region's sustainable development.