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After 15 years at sea, a message from Scotland returns from Bely Island to its writer
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After 15 years at sea, a message from Scotland returns from Bely Island to its writer

Governor of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area Dmitry Kobylkin presented a Scottish family with a message in a bottle that they cast into the ocean 15 years ago, TASS reported, citing the governor's press service.

Scientists working with an environmental expedition on Bely Island in the Kara Sea discovered the bottle in August. The message gave the name and address of two-year-old Scottish girl Emily Plant and asked the finders to return the letter to its sender.

The presentation took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, where Mr Kobylkin was taking part in the Arctic Circle Assembly. The Yamal authorities took the opportunity to invite the Plant family to come to the city.

"This bottle, one of many, carried the name of two-year-old Emily Plant, and traveled more than 4,000 kilometres to Yamal. If the environmental expedition had not been working at that moment on Bely Island, the bottle might never have been found", Mr Kobylkin said. He invited the family to visit Yamal in order to see the Russian Arctic and Bely Island for themselves.  

Fifteen years ago, when the people of the Scottish town Findochty celebrated their town's 300th anniversary, they thought up a public campaign to mark the occasion. "They collected 60 empty bottles, put messages in them with their names and the names of their children or friends, and then a fisherman took them out to sea," Director of the Russian Arctic Development Center Vladimir Pushkaryov told TASS. "The bottle we found contained the name of this two-year-old girl. It had traveled more than 4,000 kilometers."